ClearPoint Water is an innovative "bottleLess" water cooler company. People were spending wayyyyyy too much money on single-use bottled water - or those old school traditional “water coolers”. (You know - with the huge water jugs that you have to change.)

The coolers were rented to businesses and homes everywhere. Customers were required to sign rental contracts. And they rented and rented. And, then, they rented some more.

Time went on and new technology produced the idea of a "bottleLess" water cooler. (Know a wireless phone? This is a bottle-less water cooler.) The tap water that is already in your business or home is purified by the "bottleless" water cooler. You see, there's a water filtration system inside. People didn't have to change those big bottles any more - and the cost was a lot less than bottled water. However, they were still stuck with renting and renting and renting. 

That's where ClearPoint Water comes in. We've designed innovative water coolers that are taller (big complaint with other water coolers) and have a larger alcove so you can fit your refillable bottles. Then, we  raised our game. No rental contracts, You buy the cooler - and change the filters yourself. We made it easy for you. So, no big bottles to lift, no environmental waste of single-use bottles, no rental contracts - and for about half of what you'd spend renting a bottlesLess cooler. 

So, say hello to ClearPoint Water.


You can contact us at 800-808-9350

579 Abbott Drive
Broomall, PA 19008