How Set Up & Installation Works

So, there are 2 things that we need to define when it comes to getting your ClearPoint BottleLess water cooler making pure water for you and your co-workers/family:

Set up: A "Set Up" is where you already have the waterway (water "tube") run to the place where your cooler will be located.

Installation: An "Installation is where the waterway needs to be installed connecting the "bottleless" water cooler to a water source (typically, under a sink).

You can set up your cooler yourself

If you want to install your new ClearPoint Water cooler yourself, we make it fairly straightforward.

All coolers include our step-by-step instruction manual and online videos.

Also, our customer service is available to help you every step of the way. Your cooler includes an installation kit so you shouldn’t have to purchase any additional parts.

If you are switching from renting a competitor’s bottleLess to owning a ClearPoint cooler, set up is really easy. The current bottleLess water cooler just needs to be unplugged from the water connection – and the new ClearPoint BottleLess water cooler needs to be plugged in to the existing waterways. We provide you with a video that shows you exactly how to make the switch.

Or, we can install it/set it up for you

If you’d like ClearPoint to have one of our National network of technicians install your new cooler for you, no problem. Just Add Cooler Installation to your shopping cart (only $199) while you are shopping for your cooler.

We have certified technicians in every zip code in the 48 continental United States. Please note – we only install coolers purchased from ClearPoint Water. (You can always order installation at a later time)

If you are replacing an existing bottleLess water cooler: ClearPoint Water has a “Set Up Service” for only $99. It’s half of the price of a complete installation because the waterway is already in place. With this service, a ClearPoint technician will come out and set up your cooler for you (even when a complete installation isn’t necessary).