MINI Countertop Bottleless Cooler


  • Only 17.2”-Inches Tall! Fits On The Counter Under Most Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Sides And ABS Black front Cabinet For Commercial Or Home Use
  • 100% Stainless Steel Cold & Hot Reservoirs Protect Water Purity & Cooler Longevity
  • Water Purified By 1,200 Gal. Certified Water Filtration System (Included)
  • Installation/Set-Up Kit With Step-By-Step Instructions Included
  • Instant Cold Water & Child-Resistant Hot Water Faucets (Cold Drinks, Hot Tea)
  • Same cold water capacity as our standing coolers
  • Can order with 2 extra filter replacements and save




The MINI Countertop "Bottle-less" Cooler

Our MINI BottleLess water cooler (sometimes called “point of use” coolers) is designed for our residential or business customers. Even though it's small, it can handle the pure water needs of offices, warehouses, factories, waiting rooms, gyms – and, of course, families. It’s especially great when floor space is at a premium.

Countertop Bliss

When floor space is at a premium, you can still have unlimited instant hot and cold pure water - without the hassle or environmental waste of single-use bottles. The MINI fits on most kitchen/kitchenette counters. (The typical distance between the top of the counter and the bottom of the cabinet above is 18 inches.) The MINI is less than that "gap" at 17.2″ tall.

Big things come in small packages

The MINI has the same cold water producing capacity as our standing bottleless coolers (The Denali and The Olympia). So, you won't need to sacrifice instant hot or cold water just because your MINI cooler is smaller.

Instant Cold And Hot Water

The MINI allows you to dispense water with the push of the faucet. There is a paddle built in so that you don't need to touch the faucet with your hand. You see that big, red button on the front? That is the child-safety lock for the hot water. We want to make sure that little hands are always safe. (You can always turn off the hot water function with the flip of a switch on the back.)

Save $300/year by changing the filter yourself. It's easy!

Our competitors charge you about $500 per year to rent the cooler and come out once a year to change the filter. It takes about 2 minutes to replace the filter cartridge and is similar to changing a printer cartridge. We send you email reminders when it's time to change your filter. Just go onto our website and order and follow the included instructions. It'll cost you less than $100/year with our method - a lot less than $500!

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