Olympia Bottleless Water Cooler


  • 43″ Tall x 12″ Wide X 12.5″ Deep
  • Water Filter and Install Kit Included
  • Instant Hot & Instant Cold Water
  • Energy Star & UL Certified
  • 100% Stainless Steel Cold & Hot Reservoirs
  • Automatic Shut-Off Safety Mechanism
  • Available with Black front and charcoal sides
  • Can order with 2 extra filter replacements and save




The Olympia "Bottle-less" Water Cooler

It’s quite simply the best designed “bottleLess” water cooler on the market.

  • Taller so you don’t have to bend for your drinks
  • Larger alcove so you can fill your sports bottles
  • Integrated water purification system
  • And, HUGE savings compared to renting and renting and renting

It's Taller - So You Don't Have To Bend

Another issue that we consistently heard was "why can't you make the cooler taller so I don't have to bend over to get a drink?". The Olympia is 10" taller so the average person doesn't have to bend over for a drink of water. Now, if you play for the 76ers, you may still have to bend a bit...

Large alcove fits your refillable bottles - and even pitchers!

Can your cooler do that? We heard our customers. People want an easy way to refill their environmentally-friendly sports bottles. But, our competitor's coolers have a very small alcove - so those sports bottles don't fit. Ugh! Anyway, we made the Olympia with a large enough alcove so that you can easily refill your bottles. Goodbye single-use plastic bottles!

Instant Hot Water

The Olympia bottle-less cooler delivers pure hot water on demand. Made for commercial use, our coolers serve up 20 cups of steaming hot water each hour. Great for hot tea, soups or instant oatmeal.

The hot water requires a two-step action as a child safety precaution - and comes with a heating element on/off switch if you prefer ambient temperature water.


Instant Cold Water

The Olympia dispenses cold, pure water at a commercial capacity of over 25 cups per hour.

There is a thermostat to allow for fine control of your cold water temperature.


Save $300/year by changing the filter yourself. It's easy!

Our competitors charge you about $500 per year to rent the cooler and come out once a year to change the filter. It takes about 2 minutes to replace the filter cartridge and is similar to changing a printer cartridge. We send you email reminders when it's time to change your filter. Just go onto our website and order and follow the included instructions. It'll cost you less than $100/year with our method - a lot less than $500!

Stainless Steel Protects Your Water

Once your water is purified, the Olympia stores your water in either a hot or cold water reservoir. Unlike our competitors who use plastic, our reservoirs are made of stainless steel.

Why stainless steel? First, stainless does not impart any taste into your newly pure water. And, second, it is also very efficient at allowing the cooler to heat and cool your water without wasting a lot of energy.